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Trek Road Bikes Models
A balance of extremely low weight, captivating aesthetics, and ProTour-proven geometry, for a level of refined performance that makes everything else history. 6.9 Series
6.5 Series
5.5 Series
5.2 Series
5.1 Series
4.7 Series
4.5 Series
2 Series
3D frame technology combines the lightweight efficiency of hydroformed Alpha Black Aluminum with the inherent vibration damping qualities of TCT Carbon. 2.3 Series
2.1 Series
1 Series
Pro-caliber design touches and an Alpha White Aluminum frame for the performance enthusiast on a tight budget. 1.3 Series
1.1 Series
A true cyclocross racing bike with a lighter, more efficient Alpha Black Aluminum frame, an improved racing fit, and massive mud clearance. XO 1
XO 2
Versatility defined. From fast commutes to full-on fitness--and everything in between – the FX series is designed to get you there any way you like. 7.9 Series
7.7 Series
7.6 Series
7.5 Series
7.3 Series
7.2 Series
7.1 Series
A track racing bike through and through, born for victory at the velodrome. T1
Comfortable, versatile, and reliable; the only choice for long-haul touring or trans-continental expeditions. 520
A high-speed commuter that's road-bike quick and all-weather tough, with a lightweight and agile Alpha Black Aluminum frame, fenders to keep you free of road grime, and fast-stopping disc brakes. Portland
There are few better ways to spend a day. Often our best ideas come to life while we're on a bike. Many of those ideas deliver the performance that helps you go farther, faster. But it doesn't end there. Yes, we believe in long rides – but we also believe that bikes are a way of life and can be a simple solution to many of the world's biggest problems.
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